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As its name implies, the VUE™ Door System gives your customers an expansive view for shopping ease. VUE energy-free doors reduce your energy costs while performing beautifully in high-demand, high-traffic, high-volume stores.

VUE’s streamlined design and attractive elliptical handle bring a high-end look where it hasn’t been found before. Proven technology, advanced workmanship, and the highest quality components are the foundation of the VUE glass door system. This model delivers energy efficiency and exceptionally high humidity protection, while outperforming the competition.

  • Energy free doors

  • Medium temperatures

  • Standard LED lighting

  • Frame gasket

  • Elliptical handle

  • High-performance glass

  • Continuous or full flange

  • French swing configuration

  • Reduced energy frame

  • 90° hold open

  • Torque Master tension adjustment

  • Dual seal insulated glass

  • 10/5/1 warranty

Available Finishes
Silver Satin

Door Widths
24", 26", 28", 30"


Door Depths
67", 75", 79"

Custom door widths and

heights available

Shelving Widths
24", 26", 28", 30", 48",

52", 56", 60"


Shelving Depths

24", 27", 36", 43"


Available in Standard

White and Black

Optional Shelving

Gravity Flow
Stand Alone
Flex Carts
Double Wide

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