PRO-E™ Doors

The PRO-E™ door model will provide you the best performance and energy consumption savings through the use of advanced technology that combines an energy-free design with unparalleled condensation protection for the most the demanding conditions.

With the PRO-E™ door model; durability and energy-efficiency equate to the lowest cost of ownership while augmenting your business.

  • Medium or Low Temperatures
  • Standard LED Lighting
  • Field Reversible Door
  • Magnetic Door Gasket
  • High Impact Metal Handle
  • 1 1/4" Glass Pack
  • High-Efficient High-Performance Glass
  • Continuous or Full Flange
  • Energy Free Normal and Low Temperature
  • 90° Hold Open
  • Torque Master Tension Adjustment
  • Dual Seal, Triple Pane, Insulated Glass